Summer Baby Is Coming!

Oh, boy! Sometimes the universe has its own way of making things possible. After three years of being married, two home countries, one little poodle, one rainbow baby, a series of ups and downs and we finally get to have our own little angel.

12 weeks to be exact with heads up from my Ob-Gyne that everything is going well, has nothing to worry about and endless day and night morning sickness, we can finally get to announce to the whole world our new little bundle of joy growing inside me.

Earlier last year, we had another pregnancy whom we lost at 6th week. Einar and I both got broken hearted and the hardest part was telling the kids as well. But we all managed to let it all go by spending quality time together and appreciating what we have presently – two beautiful children and Chewy.

Then earlier this year, just when I was about to be all ready again to take baby-making seriously (sometimes its work too, you know especially when you’re not in your 20’s anymore – LOL). I went to see a gynecologist here in Romania, did a lot of tests and they have told me that my fertility days are long gone and they have have diagnosed my uterus as pre-menopausal stage. I’ve cried and in shocked and couldn’t believe what they have told me.

BUT then again, I am Asian. A filipino Asian who has a fairly large number of family members, (my Mum is 12 of them and my Dad is 13 of them) and all conceived by both of my Lolas (Grandmother) naturally. So, I went home – back in my old city.

In my country we have a practice called traditional “hilot” (massage) who are done by old women who has a very particular skill. In my case, based on the finding of my doctor, my “manghihilot” (therapist) told me that my uterus was just sitting too low. And so, I’ve scheduled an appointment with her – the whole process probably took about half an hour. It wasn’t a relaxing massage and I won’t tell TMI. But it wasn’t relaxing at all. πŸ™‚

After I came back home to Romania, I went back to my normal routine – going to the gym, keeping myself out of stress, and as much as I didn’t expect 100% success rate from my little trip back home, we finally got conceived after one month.

I guess I still am traditional with my beliefs in some way. I still believe some of what my family has proven effective. Some may call it “crazy”, I call it pretty awesome! but I guess this is what makes us all special, our differences and faith. πŸ™‚

It may be the “manghihilot” who helped me arranged back my uterus, or the universe has finally perfectly aligned all the stars for us – whatever and however, this little angel is a gift to us and we are so excited and we know that we have been praying for this to happen. We are beyond blessed and grateful!

Until my next update! Talk to you later my loves! xx

Perfect Shade Of Blush This Autumn

Finding a perfect shade of blush for every skin tone is quite rare added to that – the quality of the product on your skin is a big factor – for me. With a new Airblush and Lip Dip launch, I figured I’d share a few tips with you!

Airblush is a soft-focus sheer tint with a silky matte finish. The ultra-fine pigments blend seamlessly onto your skin for a filtered flush. The packaging comes in a little round compact with mirror, very light and very easy to fit anywhere in the pouch. It comes in six buildable shades that you can use on your cheeks, eyes, lips, nose or anywhere you want a little extra color.

How to use: I use either finger tips or a beauty blender to apply directly on my skin. Its very easy to blend and very easy to build.

Lip Dip is a matte lip cream that gives you the look of soft-blurred lips with every dip. The pigmented formula applies like a cushiony mousse but finishes like a weightless moisturizing balm. It comes in nine shades that melt onto your lips with a soft-matte finish.

How to use: Apply Lip Dip straight to your lips using the applicator for a soft-blurred look. You can add another layer for full coverage. I like going through the edges of my lips with my fingers after for soft, blurry effect.

You Are Beautiful.

Hello, my darlings!

Have you ever had a day, when you wake up in the morning you feel so low about your self because what you see in social media made you think less of your self or have someone said something to you that made you doubt of your self worth?

You are in the right place to stay and read up right now.

I am here to say that you are perfect and beautiful just the way you are. I am here to encourage you that nothing from other persons mouth matters when it comes to your self.

I am like you. I have my moments every time I open my social media (and I spend a lot of time on social media) and at some point I got into realization. about every one in the digital world.

There are so many different types of bullies. One, those who are living in a perfect world that teases other people because of their sizes, colors, un-perfect features just because its not good enough for them, two – those plain bullies who doesn’t have anything important to do in this word but just to make fun of everybody and sad to say there are just cruel people in this world just like them and three, plain ordinary people who judges people because of their unrealistic features of their body and may show as “too full of themselves.”

At some point in your life, you have to admit you are either bully number 1 or 3 and then you encounter bully number 2 and then its a slap in your face. I had that too. And it changed me a lot and I snapped back to reality.

Let’s be real. We all had that moments. But I am here to tell you that if you read closely to the photos, stories and the person you are talking about – its more than just a social media posting. There’s depth on anyone. You may see a very plain woman on social media but she has a purpose on changing the world but she doesn’t have the courage to pose, act and have the confidence to show it. You may see this over-powering women/men who posts all the time and you may think something different of them but in fact they are just people who used to be struggling with their own self and have finally got the confidence and got their shit finally sorted. Every one has a story and you never know what they have gone through.

I have tons of challenges in my life, I am have so many struggles and stories I’m personally battling with but these are my inspiration to be a better person, to become more stronger and hustle harder to achieve my dreams. You will not normally see me posting or nagging about my personal struggles instead you will see all the positivity and encouragement because this is how I treat myself, I talk to myself and at the same time reach out to people who are on the same plate as I am AND I HAVE NO TIME GIVING A CRAP OUT OF ANYONE’S OPINION. This is my self. I will post things that I love, events that makes me happy and moods that makes my life worth living and other people got nothing to do about it. It’s all about self expression and empowerment to everyone.

People have their own stories, just like you and me. We all have baggage in our shoulders and that’s normal. That’s where the motivation, dreams and purposes come from. Focus on the good side and what you want in life to keep going. Don’t mind what other people has to say because they haven’t figured out what they want in life. Be busy with what you want, collect your self, your plans, dreams and use that to inspire and grow that confidence. Be you and love your self. Don’t be too hard on your self. It’s your only one. Take care of it. You are beautiful and perfect!

Metro Ride in Bucharest

Are you an expat? Or new to Bucharest? Looking for cheapest / efficient way to go around the city? Or maybe you are keen to try the subway? Hello there! I am here for you to share my experience in taking the subway in Bucharest for the first time.

Now don’t go judge-y on me now on why it took me 8 months to try the metro. It has been a super hectic first half of the year for us and now I finally got the time to explore around the city with Einar. Unfortunately on where we live, we don’t have the nearest metro so its either we take the bus – which I haven’t figured out how to take and where it goes, or we Uber our way to the nearest metro station. (I will soon figure out the easiest way for my own journey)

ANYWAY, this is the app that I use to locate where, when and how I get to point A and B. It’s offline app as well and its quite handy as it is in English πŸ™‚

We started at Aurel Vlaicu Metro Station, next to Promenada Mall. You can purchase metro cards in the station but they don’t really speak in English there (at least during that time) and so our only option for that day was to purchase a one time ticket.

1-trip card – 2.50 lei
2-trip card – 5 lei
1 day card – 8 lei
10 trip card – 20 lei

Unlimited weekly pass – 25 lei
Unlimited monthly pass – 70 lei
Unlimited student monthly pass (for students in Romanian Universities) – 35 lei
Free of charge for senior citizens over 70 years old

The metro is about 40 years old and even though there is no official rule prohibiting photography in the metro, security still yells and asks you not to take photos! But then I still did.

The metro looks run-down and old and I think it could use a good renovation or upgrades like some platform doors – in my own opinion. I’ve found out that there are several incidents happened since 1983 up to the present in some parts of the metro station in the city including serious flood, broken pipes that lead to fire, software failures, suicides and also due to lack of security one woman got arrested for pushing someone in front of the train in 2017.

But then again, if you travel smart, efficient and with the right weather / timing, taking the metro should be the best way to take you to the city especially during the weekend if driving isn’t an option because to be really honest, finding a parking spot when going somewhere in the city is a serious pain.

Happy weekend and let me know whats your Bucharest Metro stories or any advice here is so welcome!

The Job Interview (The Waiting, Preparation and Outcome)

It’s been about ten months now since the last time I had a job and as much as I am loving the non-working lifestyle, I have actually preferred going to work in the last two years.

You see, I’ve not been working since I got pregnant in 2010 and 2012 and it was only two years ago that I have been active again working full-time.

My last job in Malaysia was one of my favorite jobs I’ve had. (Of course when I was single, being a flight attendant was my first and only dream in life.) Anyway, fast forward to current situation in Romania, it took me about 4 months to finally get a job interview.

As a foreigner in a country that English is not mainly spoken, it is a bit of a challenge to find a job that you want or at least get an interview. But then again, its all about the persistence and the right mindset to get where you want to be.

In the last spring, while I was walking in Baneasa Shopping City, I saw that Victoria’s Secret is soon to be opening its first ever branch in Romania. I got so excited, because VS is life and I’ve been a crazy fan of the brand since I was in high school! After the second time I passed the location, I noticed the email address for job openings and to be really honest, I was in doubt that they would even consider me, because my Romanian language level is only great for my Uber drivers. LOL! (Hey, dont judge me. I’m trilingual) Haha!


Anyway, after a few weeks I finally got the guts to just send an email, nail my cover letter, sell all my abilities and everything I can give, hoping that they would at least want to meet me. (That’s the spirit, people!) But then of course, I lost hope after one month, and then forgot about it in second month, don’t even ask about the third month and fourth month came and I got an email invitation for an interview as a Senior Sales Assistant.


Four days before the interview, it took me almost the whole day to finally sink in that I will be having an interview with the most favorite brand of my life.

Third day was all about stalking who is going to interview me, the company and what they are.

Second day was planning what I want to wear, how I want to look and go to the shop and buy the winning outfit that would make me feel 101% confident me.

A day before the interview, I started reading about the company I’ll be working with, the back stories, practice the questions, review the CV and do it all in front of the mirror. It may sound silly to even practice but everything is all about knowing and owning what you’re going to do.

On the day of the interview, I woke up early, showered, neatly did my hair, I also did a clean makeup look, had my breakfast and lots of water. Lots of water helps you mentally. I swear.


I FINALLY GOT THE FREAKING JOB and cherry on top – they even gave me the absolute dream job I wanted to be part with – which is in the Visual Merchandising Team.

(Back story – I have always been an OCD freak at home with everything has to be in place and in order, organised and perfect. And having the job to actually do things like how its supposed to be in my little world at the back of my head is such a dream! I mean, couple of months ago, I’ve also started taking online courses about interior designing and anything similar and so this job for me, is like hitting a jackpot!)


There is nothing in this world that you couldn’t have with the right mindset and motivation. Everything is possible if you stop comparing yourself with other people and listening to everyone’s opinion. Know yourself and know what you want. Work hard for it, add extra effort to everything that you do, be patient and sooner or a little later, you will definitely get what you want.

(For example / reality check: Even influencers or bloggers do lot of work than you can imagine. Brands and products just don’t approach or hire you because you’re pretty (unless you are a real Hollywood star – which by the way is also not an easy job to get in), everything requires you to become a great hustler! Hustle your way in, do all the hard work and everything will pay off!