Apricale – Untouched Italian Beauty

There is always beauty in a place whenever there’s not much tourists and nobody speaks English.

This summer when Einar and I decided to just rent a car and stay wherever we feel like stopping in our French and Italian Riviera road trip adventures, we found amazing places that only few people knew about or at least have been to.

Arriving in Nice and drove directly to Liguria, Italy, we have managed to book ourselves a place in Apricale. It’s only about an hour drive depending how you drive – both Italian and French boarders have different speed limits.



Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

Apricale is very picturesque and its so amazing how they managed to preserve the stone buildings, houses and even our BnB is made of stone.





The only down side of spending a long holiday with big luggages in this type of beauty is that elevators doesnt exist and you have to carry your bags in lots of stone stairs. But once we have arrived in our room, its all worth it!


This is the most famous photo over the internet when you search Apricale on google. We basically parked in this area and we stayed right next to the church (at the top!) It was indeed one of a kind adventure and I cant wait to go back again one day!






Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

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