My California Dreams.

It all started when I was five years old. Back then, my Grandfather Pablo who used to be an American solider was my only inspiration in life. He would have regular American visitors and I would listen to their conversations without having a single clue what they’re talking about. I would sit next to him in the morning, watching CNN news and copy it on my own in front of the mirror. English wasn’t my language back then.

My Grandfather taught me a lot of things, we would watch TV together and sometimes, I would watch him read papers. He trained me since I was five to memorize all my important information, in case I get lost, I will know how to find my way home. He was my role model but he was gone too soon for me to understand all the important things he has done during his time and I still miss him.

Fast forward to adult life, I’ve heard so many stories about how difficult to get a US visa as a Philippines passport holder. I even heard a lot of stories people faking marriages and documents just to get to the promise land. So, I didn’t really push that dream – when the time comes, if it’s meant to be – I will get there.


My husband asked me to apply for my US visa so we can finally fly together in the US and show me where he spent most of his life.

A week after I applied, I got the most amazing news in my life when the US government gave me 10 years of visa. It was unbelievable and I thought of my Grandfather first.

Here’s my super memorable first California trip!

First stop: Oregon (Einar ordered a handmade personalised bike from a bike master from UK who is now living in Oregon)

The next day we started driving out to San Francisco with one stop over to Ashland to break the long drive.


We went for a quick trip to Berkeley as well to visit Einar’s university and introduced me to his local pub in the neighbourhood and I finally found the most amazing Mexican michelada!

After three days, we started our journey again to Napa Valley!


Three amazing days, seven vineyards, forty two different wines! Epic!

L A S V E G A S, N E V A D A

Vegas got me and my money. Slot machines and all. LOL! But I would never say, never again. I will be back, dahling!

L O S A N G E L E S, C A

I can literally live here. Santa Monica got my heart!

As a woman who is highly obsessed about makeup, I have soooo many places I wanted to visit and so many people I want to meet – bloggers and etc. But a trip to Glossier certainly made it all up!

The famous Hollywood sign is definitely somewhere here! I swear.

The one who makes me the happiest and mostly loved! My man.

Oh yeah, here’s me being a super fan to Kelsey Wells. I loved here before, I even love her more after the killer workout session at Sweat, LA. She is a doll and an angel who has a really ripped body! Body goals!

Just to make the whole LA trip a lot more speacial, we were there as well on the biggest LA Pride Parade 2018! Amazing memories! So much love! x


The whole trip was super epic and since we are not yet ready to come soon and were supposed to be back in Oregon in two days, we decided to drive a little early in the morning and take a bit of a stop over in Lake Tahoe.

We literally drove out of LA, start driving and booked our hotel while on the way to Lake Tahoe.

Immediately fell in love with Lake Tahoe. It was gorgeous and will definitely come back again for the Peanut Butter Stout.

It was the most epic trip I’ve had. USA will always have a special place in my heart. I loved the country and the people. Thank you husband, thank you USA. Until next time!

xoxo, Win

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