Winter Skin Care Routine

It’s only been a month since I moved here in Bucharest and I have to admit that it takes a lot of work to take good care of my skin.

All my life, I have been used to sweating naturally under the sun, heat and humidity in Asia and all I care about is how much sun screen I needed to apply so I don’t damage my skin.

I have a dry to oily skin and depending on where I go, its always difficult for me to choose the right products. So, in the last couple of weeks, it’s been a trial and error for me when it comes to skin care. I needed to have the right moisturiser, serums, sun screen and even a face steamer for me to be able to survive the cold, windy, then sunny to cloudy, warm, and then cold again type of climate.

As of this moment, I am in continuous use of my Kiehls products. They are so far the right ones for me and here is my skin care routine for winter times.

Here are the products used: 1. Cleanser – Origins Never a Dull Moment. It’s a skin brightening face polished with fruit extracts. 2. Mask – Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask to Quench Thirst. (I use this 1-2x a week, depends on my skin dryness) 3. Toner – Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil Free Toner for normal to oily skin type. It has hydrating formula to balance and freshen skin. 4. Eye Cream – Kiehls Powerful Strength Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate. It decreases the appearance of crows feet and sub orbital wrinkles and it visibly brightens the eye area and minimizes dark circles. 5. Serum – Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate. A replenishing elixir of pure essential oils and distilled botanicals to visibly restore the appearance of skin by morning. 6. Moisturiser – Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream. Light textures daily hydrator leaving the skin comfortable and visibly well balanced, particularly in harsh weather conditions.