Hey gorgeous!

Are you struggling for your curls to stay longer or at least give that amazing hair of yours some volume and shape?

Worry no more. Read up and watch my video on how I style and give myself a good hair days!

Products Used: Loreal Elseve Oil Luxury Express Conditioner for easier detangling smoother hair and extra shine. (Make sure you towel dry your hair first then apply the leave in). After you smoothen your hair, apply Bed Head by Tigi Motor Mouth for Mega Volumizer with gloss. (Use about 2-3 pumps and blow dry as desired). Once the hair is dry, cool it down with the cool option in your hair dryer (if you don’t have the cool option, let is set until your hair has cool down from your blow dry) Once your hair is ready, spray gently Catwalk by Tigi Texturising Salt Spray, then curl your hair with a curling iron (its best to section your hair in small portion and some a little bigger so there’s a little variety of sizes in your curls. Dont brush, stretch the curls or touch your newly curled hair. Let it cool down) Once everything is done, let it cool down and flip that gorgeous hair up! Spray gently (not too much!) with Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray

Let me know if you have tried this and how it worked for you! Tag me in my Instagram @win.larsen


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