How To Grow Your Instagram

Have you ever wondered how other people succeed in Instagram and there you are posting photos and still not growing or at least attracting the right audience that you want? I’m gonna share to you some tips.

First of all, I just want to make things clear. I am not a professional brand ambassador or any way a public figure. I am not. I am only a very good observant and got all my knowledge from all my book references, social media and digital marketing online course experience.

I also would like to emphasize the reality here, some people get millions of followers because they’re either a very very famous personality (actors, models, etc..) and some are very very good brand ambassadors (makeup artists, travellers, youtubers, etc..). If you are not any of those or who aspire to be one of them, my tips would defintely help you but only if you are willing to work very hard. Also, another reality check to growing your instagram is cheating!  I’ve seen a LOT of these in any social media these days. Buying followers and likes to gain popularity even though their photos doesn’t even make sense; people that doesnt even do anything with meaningful purpose and Instagram accounts who literally have 5M (5 million) of followers and will get only 5 or 2 likes. Doesnt make sense. So yeah, please try to be genuine and hopefully my tips could help your bright potential and let the world see what you got!

  1. Profile Photo. Upload a nice profile photo. There’s million and millions of people in social media and a striking profile photo could always be an attraction to get someone visit your account.
  2. Fill in your bio. Tell people what you do. What you are trying to achieve in your profile. Give a little something about yourself. Unless of course you are a public figure, then people will follow you and even find you without even trying to get them visit your page.
  3. Take good photos. I can’t even emphasize this one. It doesn’t matter what type of camera you have, it’s all about finding the right light and angles of yourself or anything. Dont post crooked photos, dark photos that doesn’t highlight your beautiful personality. Find a good light, strike a pose, chase the golden hours. There are so many ways on how to take a good photo. Use your skills and own judgement. Below is an example of a really talented blogger that I have been following for years. You should check her account Sai Ferrera to see her work. 
  4. Edit your photos. Don’t take a photo and post it. Make some effort. Try to do a little bit of editing and work (you can download for free: VSCO, Facetune, ColorStory, Snapseed, Photoshop, etc..). I know you are amazing and gorgeous and you dont need editing but this is social media and you want to grow and attract good brands or people that you want to notice you. If not, at least do it for yourself. If you try to improve your photographs, then you see a better version of yourself and then you feel good about yourself and then you feel happy. Now don’t go negative on me, okay? I’m just trying to help. Sharing with you below are my favourite accounts that has great editing and photos. They are not professional photographers but they are very good with their editing.


  5. Don’t spam photos in a day. Okay, I got you. You feel better and you see so many amazing photos of yourself but please dont make an entire album of posts of the same angles and photos in a row. People need to see 1 perfect photo from you and then you will leave them longing for more and will visit and like your page often. Just 1 photo my love. And also, here’s why.
  6. Update your stories. We all love a celebrity whom we can see what they are like behind cameras. We love to see how they are as normal person and live a normal life like us. Update your stories, give your audience a little bit of your personal life. I’m not saying that you have to record every single move you make but at least give them something to relate to you and they will love you more. These stories disappears in 24 hours.
  7. Download story editors. If you want to pimp up your Instagram stories, try to download free editing tools like Unfold. These are fun way to make your Instagram look sassy and neat.
  8. Interact with followers and comments. This is so important. Your followers are like your visitors at home. You talk to them by replying to their comments and messages. Make a thread. I think its just polite but be careful though, there are plenty of people who sends inappropriate messages too. So yeah, just be careful.
  9. Dont steal others posts/photos. I’ve seen a lot of people doing this. Whether they are reposting this from Pinterest, Google, Facebook or any form, DO NOT POST AND NOT CREDIT them! This is stealing and very bad. Every photo needs to be credited as these are other people work. Ask permission, credit them, mention them and let them know.
  10. Stick to your niche. People follow Instagram accounts that they can relate to and whom they can get some inspiration from. For example, I like to follow makeup, beauty and lifestyle bloggers, fashion and style icons and some amazing homemakers who can give me motivations to do things at home. Be a reference, make content that is useful for you and to everyone. If you are a very famous person – people will still follow you anyway (LOL!), if you want to be a travel blogger, then stick to travel tips or travel photos and same goes to any niche that you want.

Hopefully, these tips could help you or at least give you some more ideas. Don’t expect to gain thousands of followers immediately, everything takes time. You need to establish your personal brand, invest some effort and work in your photos. Be patient and don’t buy your likes and followers πŸ™‚

Have fun and good luck my superstars!


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