5 Places I Want To Visit in 2019

I am a believer of real life lessons and travelling in the last 10 years has made me a better version of myself compared to who I am before and how I look things.

Here are my top 5 places I wanted to visit hopefully on my next travels.

Santorini, Greece

Call me such a tourist but I don’t care. This beauty has been on top of my list for ages and now that I live close by, I really really hope to visit this stunning country soon!

Santorini vast beauty.jpeg

(Photo Credits to Xristos Xristopoylos, Pinterest)

London, United Kingdom

I was always in Europe and now I live in Europe but guess what.. I still haven’t seen the Big Ben. I blame it on my passport. (LOL!) Yes, it’s not that easy to get a UK visa for a Filipino or should I say it’s toooooo expensive to be a tourist in this country. Maybe one day, when I finally get a boring job with a regular income, then this will be my reward. LOL!

Rainy London, UK

(Photo credits to Around the World, Facebook and Pinterest)

Puglia, Italy

I never heard of this beautiful gem until my friend Cindy and her husband Vinz started Authentic Puglia Tours – a travel business in Puglia. Located in the south of Italy, this beauty is famous to its  gorgeous beaches, churches, and ancient ruins. I can’t wait to visit!!!


(Photo Credits to Authentic Puglia Tours)

Palawan, Philippines

With all my heart, I plan to come back home this year and bring Einar to my beloved country and hopefully we could visit Palawan. FYI, I haven’t been into this beautiful island because it’s always difficult to go here. You need to book at least a year to get yourself a really nice location and best place to stay in unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars per night πŸ™‚

Palawan, Philippines -Levitan-Palawan, Philippines-Levitan-.jpeg

(Photo Credits to Best Travel Places)


This super famous spot is all over my Instagram since last year. I actually almost forgotten about this until my recent move in Romania – which is now a neighbouring country to this beauty! I can’t to explore! Im coming for ya Turkey! πŸ˜‰

Top 9 Travel Destinations for 2019

(Photo Credits to Golden Hour Girl)

Ahhhhh! These beautiful places. We have such a wonderful and beautiful world that I can’t wait to see and explore! 

Where are you travelling? πŸ™‚



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