Empowering Island Communities

When I started my Win Charity Project back in 2012, one of the struggles of living an expat life is keeping it up.

This year, I am so pleased when I saw my local club in my city looking for someone to sponsor their mission in empowering and educating 347 children in a small island in Iloilo City, Philippines .

After I did a bit of makeup work during the Bucharest Charity Fashion Show by the International Women Association, I used my small amount of pay to support my local club.

And so.. this happened.

347 children of Sanggutan Elementary School were given dental health kits, went through a session on how to properly take good care of their dental health and of course, a day filled with fun and goodies.

I can’t express more how much I appreciate this opportunity to collaborate with people who have the same passion and love as me. Thank you very much JCI Ilang-Ilang and Iloilo Gardenia Lions Club for making this possible for me.

For more infos on how to collaborate with me or if you know someone in Iloilo who you think needs help, please email me at hellowinlove@gmail.com

xx, Win

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