Head Turners of the Night

I am always fascinated by foreign beauties and Romania is one of the countries that has plenty of gorgeous people.

Here are my gallery of stunning and most memorable individuals I’ve seen this weekend.

Claudia, a top model and really stunning woman. The moment she stepped in the room, everybody just got to take her photos. She has the most amazing physique and super captivating look!

Simple and elegant. She’s super graceful and photogenic and I love her style from head to foot!

As soon as she stepped in into the wall for a photo, I fell in love with her dress. I found out at the end that she was one of the participating designers in a group and I look forward to seeing more of her designs in the future!

Her looks and her style reminds me of Cara Delevingne. And I love Cara, so she’s IN! πŸ™‚

Their style is unique and I love their looks so much!

This teenage girl reminds me of my young self walking in the runway with so much passion of what she’s doing. She’s amazing with her walk and she has the sweetest face!

What can I say, these two are my little super stars. They are the youngest models of the night and they have the strongest stage presence for their age! I couldn’t believe what I see and I really love these girls!

Win X

(Instagram: @win.larsen)

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