Metro Ride in Bucharest

Are you an expat? Or new to Bucharest? Looking for cheapest / efficient way to go around the city? Or maybe you are keen to try the subway? Hello there! I am here for you to share my experience in taking the subway in Bucharest for the first time.

Now don’t go judge-y on me now on why it took me 8 months to try the metro. It has been a super hectic first half of the year for us and now I finally got the time to explore around the city with Einar. Unfortunately on where we live, we don’t have the nearest metro so its either we take the bus – which I haven’t figured out how to take and where it goes, or we Uber our way to the nearest metro station. (I will soon figure out the easiest way for my own journey)

ANYWAY, this is the app that I use to locate where, when and how I get to point A and B. It’s offline app as well and its quite handy as it is in English πŸ™‚

We started at Aurel Vlaicu Metro Station, next to Promenada Mall. You can purchase metro cards in the station but they don’t really speak in English there (at least during that time) and so our only option for that day was to purchase a one time ticket.

1-trip card – 2.50 lei
2-trip card – 5 lei
1 day card – 8 lei
10 trip card – 20 lei

Unlimited weekly pass – 25 lei
Unlimited monthly pass – 70 lei
Unlimited student monthly pass (for students in Romanian Universities) – 35 lei
Free of charge for senior citizens over 70 years old

The metro is about 40 years old and even though there is no official rule prohibiting photography in the metro, security still yells and asks you not to take photos! But then I still did.

The metro looks run-down and old and I think it could use a good renovation or upgrades like some platform doors – in my own opinion. I’ve found out that there are several incidents happened since 1983 up to the present in some parts of the metro station in the city including serious flood, broken pipes that lead to fire, software failures, suicides and also due to lack of security one woman got arrested for pushing someone in front of the train in 2017.

But then again, if you travel smart, efficient and with the right weather / timing, taking the metro should be the best way to take you to the city especially during the weekend if driving isn’t an option because to be really honest, finding a parking spot when going somewhere in the city is a serious pain.

Happy weekend and let me know whats your Bucharest Metro stories or any advice here is so welcome!

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