My New Year

Hello there! And welcome to my blog. This is my first entry of the year. The ending of my 2019 and the beginning of my new year has been really hectic and full. Einar and I drove to Norway from Romania for Christmas. It was a first for us driving that long – along with our little dog, Chewy.

Just before the year ends, I flew to Kuala Lumpur to spend the New Years with the kids and so even though the morning sickness is still there, every single minute spent with them was so worth it!

It was the first time they see me pregnant and I am so relieved that their reactions towards the new baby coming is very positive and they can’t wait to meet their baby sister.

There was a lot of dramas from the Immigration in getting out of the country – first they accused me of over staying even though I stayed in the country for 12 days and technically I can stay there for 30 days as a Philippines passport holder and then the second time I tried leaving, they refused to let me leave the country because they are not happy that my connecting flight is with London and they are alarmed that I might stay for good in the UK. It was too much unnecessary drama on top of my heart being broken from saying goodbye to the kids, twice! But on my third try, they’ve let me go through because my flight is via Istanbul. Very silly and it cost me a lot of money. Good thing, Expedia was reasonable and helpful and agreed to refund some of my money.

Now that I am finally back home, I am relieved and well rested from all the hectic days. I am now focusing on my well-being and baby’s health. I have slowly started renovating and re-organizing at home and I can’t wait to share some new changes at home with you on a different story 🙂

This is our little baby girl at 20 weeks!

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