Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Hello my darlings! Valentines Day is coming soon! So exciting.. Have you got anything in mind what you’re getting for your special someone? If not, maybe I could help you build some ideas in your head that won’t rip off your budget and will surely be appreciated by your amore!

Over the years, I have always struggled finding the right gifts for my husband – in all honesty I feel like I am always being pressured by whats trendy, whats the most recommended by celebrities and how extravagant my gift should be and therefore, the whole meaning of this celebration has slowly lost its meaning. To avoid these scanario, I go back and reflect to what exactly this celebration is all about and what does it mean. This is a celebration of love, friendship, appreciation to everyone we love and therefore whatever you have in mind, the most important is that we know the value and let the receiver knows they are being appreciated and loved back.

FYI. These are just suggestions/ideas. There are plenty of options out in the market (crazy expensive or affordable) that are exactly like these that could fit into your budget.

Jo Malone Candle – scented candles are always a good idea as these can promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress. It also creates an ambience of relaxation and calm.

Jo Malone Hand and Body Creme – good quality scented hand and body creme are amazing and perfect! Its a perfect hydration for your your skin while leaving your body scented all over.

Coco Chanel – I don’t know how to convince you more of how Coco Chanel could be the perfect idea. Its self explanatory. Its a classic!

Flowers – flowers are always a perfect idea to give to your loved ones. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, each flower has different meaning. Make sure you know your sweethearts favourite ones! X

Chocolate covered strawberries – It looks like romance. LOL! I mean who wouldn’t love a present fully loaded with vitamin C and minerals? Its pleasing and its yummy!

Books – I love books. Some women loved it too. So for book-lover partners, you can never go wrong with books! Only book lovers can relate how much appreciation we have when we receive books 🙂

Bath Set – everyone deserved to be pampered – in a bath. Man or woman, this could do no wrong. Bubbly bath could improve your health and skin conditions, and decrease fatigue, stress and pain. So go gather those bath salts, bubbles, milk, roses, scrubs and give it a go!

Facial Roller – Rose Quartz is always the best because it is the ultimate love stone and promotes self-love. It is also known as the ultimate beauty stone.

Earrings – you can never go wrong with jewelry either. Its timeless and classic!

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