Pregnancy Journey

Hello darlings!

We are finally on our last trimester and less than a hundred days to go! As much as this big change in our household is coming very soon as we thought, we are full of excitement and happiness!

It has been a very scary journey for us given our history of losing our last one and now the current outbreak of coronavirus disease.

My first two pregnancy were quite easy but probably because that was about 10 years ago already and I was so young then. Now, everything is bit different especially when it comes to running out of breathe easily – even when talking! LOL Struggling a bit in physical movements but I’m thankful for my workouts, it helped a lot with my cramps, gaining tons of weight and swelling.

At 7th month, my darling baby girl weights about a kilo right now, about the size of a butternut squash. She has been putting a lot of fat to start regulating her own temperature. Her eyes have now started to open up as well so she has become more active lately when she spots bright lights and not just because of sounds that she hears.

In few more weeks, were going to be new parents to a baby girl! I can’t wait to be a first time Mum to a girl and we are very much looking forward to how she’s gonna look like – will she look like me? Or a cute little Norwegian baby! We’re also looking forward to the first time the boys meeting her and how will Chewy react seeing a new little member at home. So many things to be grateful for and so many exciting days ahead! X

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