Things to do when in home quarantine.

2020 has not been a great start for the rest of the world.

As you may or may not know, we finished the previous year and begin the new year with all our thoughts and prayers for the Australians as they suffer from bushfire – a horrible season that killed at least 34 people and billions of animals have been killed; then, there’s the eruption of Taal Volcano in Batangas, Philippines; the heavy rainstorms in the Southeast Region of Brazil which have caused widespread flooding and landslides; the locust outbreak in Pakistan; the first and most destructive earthquake in Iran-Turkey border and now the whole world is suffering from Coronavirus disease – a new strain that has not been previously identified in humans and as of now, there are at least 198,737 cases around the world, 7,989 deaths and only 82,779 have recovered.

For the safety of everyone and to help slow down the number of people affected, all government required the citizens to stay at home to avoid catching the virus and practice proper hygiene and sanitation. Most of the world have strictly locked down their borders and airports and imposed a 14-day quarantine for those who came from places with virus cases and all of us – the rest of the world have been asked to self quarantine for our own safety.

As a proud homemaker and lifestyle lover, I have enjoyed my time being at home and I have always find myself being busy doing something at home. Trust me, there are plenty of things you can do at home but only your negative mind and your lazy ass could stop you.

Here are my top ideas that I think could help you with your self quarantine:

Clean your house. Like literally clean your house by rooms. You don’t have to finish it all in one day – because it’s not possible. Deep clean your house. Start slow and start planning which rooms to go first. Be organised. Don’t be lazy. Light a candle, play your favourite motivational songs and get it done. When I can’t find motivation, I watch cleaning videos in Youtube. Follow Marie Kondo’s tips and ideas. Get some inspirations from Instagram, join Facebook groups of home-making, get some ideas from Pinterest –

Do a workout. A good workout will always give you a natural boost for the rest of the day. You don’t need a gym, you don’t need fancy workout equipments. All you need is a good set of mind and goals to crushed. Here are the lists of fitness trainers I follow and you should too! πŸ™‚


Emily Samuel – Dogpound

Yoga International

Kelsey Wells – Sweat

Kayla Itsines – Sweat

Get a new hobby. Have you ever wanted to try something new but couldn’t do it because you’re too afraid to try because you think you can’t do it and you’ll fail at it anyway? Well, I’m telling you, you are not going anywhere and I think it’s best to get that passion fired up and do something about it. For me, for example. I have never touched or used a sewing machine all my life – my Mum or local seamstress in the neighborhood would always do my dresses for me until my husband got me a sewing machine right after our wedding. LOL! At first I find it so strange as I have never shown any interest to him in sewing and in making my own dresses but he knows I love fashion, style and the idea of me creating something beautiful has always been my first love. So, I googled, youtube and self-taught. Until now I have not had any proper lessons in sewing and I’m hoping to get one someday. If I could, you should too!

Learn something new. Aside from getting yourself a hobby, there are also options of e-learning and plenty of online classes offered online! Sometimes, you can find great deals of very interesting classes and there are some that are for free! Here are the links for you to choose from:


Future Learn


Free Courses from Ivy League Schools

Read a book. Get yourself a good book. Read something new or maybe re-read a good book that you haven’t read in some time. You can also get online books for free/paid like Amazon Kindle, Good Reads and whole lot more. Be mindful if you plan to exchange books with a friend though as the virus is mainly transmitted by droplets from the bodily fluid and its possible to catch the virus by touching the things/surfaces with the virus then touching your face.

Reconnect with your partner. When was the last time you spent a good quality time with your partner / husband / wife? When was the last time you talk and connect without any distractions? Like the old days, back when you were still dating and when all you want to do is please and have fun together. I’m just saying. Maybe you do it all the time and for some that don’t – take advantage of this time to reconnect with your loved one and get to know them again.

Reach out to your friends/family. If you think you are still too bored and have done everything on my list, maybe it’s time to stop thinking about yourself and maybe pick up that phone, reach out to your family and friends who you think or might seem not, that needs your help. It doesn’t have to me financial help, maybe a lift for their groceries, daily needs, someone they can talk to – you’ll never know if they are okay if you don’t make a move. Little help that would mean a lot to someone. Spread love!

Meditate. I know a lot of people who have panicked and lost their sanity already – like believing in fake news and overreacting to everything. The best way to deal with situations like this is to take a step back, calmly breathe, collect yourself and think about what is really happening. What can you do to help, what should you do for yourself and those people around you. Listen to inner self, be at peace with your mind and self. Meditate and only then you will be able to see things clearly. Short story. Relax and stay at home.

I hope some if not all have made you realised that there are plenty of things you can do to yourself and for others to help ease the situation we all currently have. Be mindful. Stay safe and let’s all follow what’s good for all of us! Stay positive, my darlings! X

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