Hello my friends!

It’s been six months now since I moved here in Bucharest and I can say, I think I have finally adjusted and understood the way of living here.

Eight months ago when my husband told me his work is relocating us in Romania, I was literally like, “Where is that again?” and so I have to google and reach out to some friends who might have been to the country and unfortunately, all I got were – Draculas and gypsies.

It was winter when we first we fly to Bucharest from Malaysia to do some apartment hunting. It was literally damn cold and everywhere in the city was snowing.

Apartment Hunting – through my husbands company, we used Tudor Real Estate Company to help us with our search. Our agent, Cristina was very helpful and friendly. She drove us around the city and giving us loads of information while taking us from one apartment to the other.

If you’ve never been to Romania and you’re planning to move here, most expats live in Pipera, Herastrau or Bucharest city centre.

International schools like the American International School, British School and at least 8 other International schools are around Voluntari.

Pipera is a district of Voluntari city. About half an hour away from the city and it may seems far (or near or very far depends on the traffic) from the city centre but it has a lot to offer. It is close to some parks like Herastrau or King Mihai Park, IKEA, Baneasa Shopping City, Country Clubs, Grocery Stores and Airport.

Fast forward to July, the weather in Bucharest is now blazing hot and humid – the hottest so far since I was here was around 38 degrees and humid – no air – nada! LOL! It drove me crazy as we just recently discovered that our AC even though it was new, it was not working. We didn’t really bothered checking it prior to moving as it was in the middle of winter and couldn’t care less about the AC or being cold. The point is, now that we have found out about the AC is not working, we couldn’t find any one who can come and fix it just like any other normal country. Unfortunately to us, it took us about at least 3 fights with our landlord, several arguments and cancellations, a couple more of that of no show from these AC technicians and finally, seven weeks later, (as of right now while doing this blog) they are finally fixing our ACs

To be really honest, efficiency is still way behind in this country. For example, if you are planning to buy a car or check out a car on a weekend, don’t expect a lot of cheerful sales man welcoming you in the stores. Also some advice from the locals, don’t ever get in trouble because filing something, reporting or whatever that has relation to police or any government or formal settlement, expect tons and tons of paperworks and court stuff.

Back to positive side. If you’ve got kids and wants to do fun stuff with them – there’s Therme, Edenland Park, Kiddo Play Academy, Antipa Museum, or you could walk around the city or get out of the city and travel to Brasov or Constanta. There’s tons of things to do with kids, do let me know too if you know some!

If you don’t have any kids or if you like to get pampered in a reasonable price, I can recommend you to my personal favourite places to go:

Unfortunately, I only go in Pipera area as thats where I live and I haven’t explored the city that much yet.

For beauty salon related stuff, I like to go to Anastasia Beverly Hills in Baneasa. For massage and spa, I only (so far) go to Bali Spa Centre.

Some other places I’ve been that you’ve probably have read already –

Palace of the Parliament – I’ve never been inside but you need to bring a national ID for them to let you in and you need to book your ticket at least 1 day.

Romanian Athenaeum, King Mihai Park, Arcul de Triumf, Revolution Square, Herastrau Lake, Piata Unirii, Water Fountain and Lights Show in Piata Unirii, Caru cu Bere and so many more..

There are tons of things that you can do and to enjoy Bucharest and its all a matter of getting out of the house and joining the community.

For me, I was able to do a lot of things here in Bucharest by joining some clubs like the International Womens Association. This community is the best by far in Bucharest. Its a perfect platform to socialise , take part in different activities and make the most out of Romania.

On the last note, just a friendly reminder to all you my friends, please be cautious wherever you go. Its basically applicable not only in Romania but every where in the world. But yeah since I’m talking here about Romania, when you come here please be very very aware of your things especially your phone and wallet. There’s tons of petty crimes in here and I am not an exception to my little reminder. I got my first hand lesson when I first visited Romania in November and I lost my phone. Good side, thanks to Apple security system, its all just a piece of metal now to those who took it.

Since you made it until the botton of my long post, you’re now my friend and I would love to hear any of your comments, suggestions, or say hi to me. 🙂 You can also follow me on any of my social medias – Instagram @win.larsen Twitter @winlarsen and Facebook @itswinlarsen

xx, Win


Sunny days in Romania is almost here and this beautiful country has so many places to offer when it comes to sightseeings, culture and adventures.

Ovid’s Square

Our first road trip is Constanța – the oldest continuously inhabited city, located in the Northern Dobruja region of Romania, on the Black Sea Coast.

The House with Lions (Casa cu Lei)

The pre-Romantic and Genovese architectural styles of the city is definitely worth to visit and explore.

Behind us is the Constanța Casino.

Fact: This famous historic monument is on the boardwalk at 2 Elisabeta Boulevard along the Black Sea. It was built three times. The first structure in 1880 designed to be a club and community centre for elite and upper class then became Romania’s Monte Carlo. The casino operated for 38 years before it got interrupted by the two world wars, attacked and bombed by Bulgarian and German troops in World War I and II and at that time it acted as the wartime hospital. In 1960 when it was handed over to the National Office of Tourism and the last major repairs took place in 1986-1988 and the building is currently abandoned.

Apart from the beautiful tourist destination in the old city, we stayed in Mamaia for a relaxing sun time.

It felt so amazing to know that we have this place to unwind and take a break from the busy times in the city.

Bucharest Fashion Week 2019 – Spring Edition

Spring has officially arrived in Romania and the biggest fashion week of the country has started showing off !

The 3-day fashion show was uniquely presented by local designers and models. Featuring the creations of Loulou, Emina, Mily Mia

Stunning collections from Onur Osman, Atelierele Ilbah, Marvin Nonis, Laura Olteanu.

It was a great season and very interesting collection for spring.

© Win Larsen

Head Turners of the Night

I am always fascinated by foreign beauties and Romania is one of the countries that has plenty of gorgeous people.

Here are my gallery of stunning and most memorable individuals I’ve seen this weekend.

Claudia, a top model and really stunning woman. The moment she stepped in the room, everybody just got to take her photos. She has the most amazing physique and super captivating look!

Simple and elegant. She’s super graceful and photogenic and I love her style from head to foot!

As soon as she stepped in into the wall for a photo, I fell in love with her dress. I found out at the end that she was one of the participating designers in a group and I look forward to seeing more of her designs in the future!

Her looks and her style reminds me of Cara Delevingne. And I love Cara, so she’s IN! 🙂

Their style is unique and I love their looks so much!

This teenage girl reminds me of my young self walking in the runway with so much passion of what she’s doing. She’s amazing with her walk and she has the sweetest face!

What can I say, these two are my little super stars. They are the youngest models of the night and they have the strongest stage presence for their age! I couldn’t believe what I see and I really love these girls!

Win X

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Empowering Island Communities

When I started my Win Charity Project back in 2012, one of the struggles of living an expat life is keeping it up.

This year, I am so pleased when I saw my local club in my city looking for someone to sponsor their mission in empowering and educating 347 children in a small island in Iloilo City, Philippines .

After I did a bit of makeup work during the Bucharest Charity Fashion Show by the International Women Association, I used my small amount of pay to support my local club.

And so.. this happened.

347 children of Sanggutan Elementary School were given dental health kits, went through a session on how to properly take good care of their dental health and of course, a day filled with fun and goodies.

I can’t express more how much I appreciate this opportunity to collaborate with people who have the same passion and love as me. Thank you very much JCI Ilang-Ilang and Iloilo Gardenia Lions Club for making this possible for me.

For more infos on how to collaborate with me or if you know someone in Iloilo who you think needs help, please email me at

xx, Win