Metro Ride in Bucharest

Are you an expat? Or new to Bucharest? Looking for cheapest / efficient way to go around the city? Or maybe you are keen to try the subway? Hello there! I am here for you to share my experience in taking the subway in Bucharest for the first time.

Now don’t go judge-y on me now on why it took me 8 months to try the metro. It has been a super hectic first half of the year for us and now I finally got the time to explore around the city with Einar. Unfortunately on where we live, we don’t have the nearest metro so its either we take the bus – which I haven’t figured out how to take and where it goes, or we Uber our way to the nearest metro station. (I will soon figure out the easiest way for my own journey)

ANYWAY, this is the app that I use to locate where, when and how I get to point A and B. It’s offline app as well and its quite handy as it is in English 🙂

We started at Aurel Vlaicu Metro Station, next to Promenada Mall. You can purchase metro cards in the station but they don’t really speak in English there (at least during that time) and so our only option for that day was to purchase a one time ticket.

1-trip card – 2.50 lei
2-trip card – 5 lei
1 day card – 8 lei
10 trip card – 20 lei

Unlimited weekly pass – 25 lei
Unlimited monthly pass – 70 lei
Unlimited student monthly pass (for students in Romanian Universities) – 35 lei
Free of charge for senior citizens over 70 years old

The metro is about 40 years old and even though there is no official rule prohibiting photography in the metro, security still yells and asks you not to take photos! But then I still did.

The metro looks run-down and old and I think it could use a good renovation or upgrades like some platform doors – in my own opinion. I’ve found out that there are several incidents happened since 1983 up to the present in some parts of the metro station in the city including serious flood, broken pipes that lead to fire, software failures, suicides and also due to lack of security one woman got arrested for pushing someone in front of the train in 2017.

But then again, if you travel smart, efficient and with the right weather / timing, taking the metro should be the best way to take you to the city especially during the weekend if driving isn’t an option because to be really honest, finding a parking spot when going somewhere in the city is a serious pain.

Happy weekend and let me know whats your Bucharest Metro stories or any advice here is so welcome!


Sunny days in Romania is almost here and this beautiful country has so many places to offer when it comes to sightseeings, culture and adventures.

Ovid’s Square

Our first road trip is Constanța – the oldest continuously inhabited city, located in the Northern Dobruja region of Romania, on the Black Sea Coast.

The House with Lions (Casa cu Lei)

The pre-Romantic and Genovese architectural styles of the city is definitely worth to visit and explore.

Behind us is the Constanța Casino.

Fact: This famous historic monument is on the boardwalk at 2 Elisabeta Boulevard along the Black Sea. It was built three times. The first structure in 1880 designed to be a club and community centre for elite and upper class then became Romania’s Monte Carlo. The casino operated for 38 years before it got interrupted by the two world wars, attacked and bombed by Bulgarian and German troops in World War I and II and at that time it acted as the wartime hospital. In 1960 when it was handed over to the National Office of Tourism and the last major repairs took place in 1986-1988 and the building is currently abandoned.

Apart from the beautiful tourist destination in the old city, we stayed in Mamaia for a relaxing sun time.

It felt so amazing to know that we have this place to unwind and take a break from the busy times in the city.

Guide to Puglia.

To travel somewhere I’ve never been before is high on my New Years resolution this year, so moving recently to Romania has been quite an advantage for me to achieve this goal.

First on my list this year was Puglia, Italy and collaborating with Authentic Puglia Tours, my 3-day holiday in Puglia became a very memorable and fun experience.

Puglia (Apulla / Pulia / Apoulia) is a region located on the southern part of Italy. It faces Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Greece and Montenegro.

The first time I land on the airport (its quite small, so you’ll never get lost), Vincenzo and Cindy – the owners of Authentic Puglia Tours were so kind enough to pick me up and took me to my first Authentic Puglia experience.

Puglia is famous for chickpeas, olives and olive oil, cheese and fresh seafood! In fact, eating everything fresh is a real local tradition. So make sure you love seafood!

My next stop is Giovinazzo. A town in Bari (the capital) where the prominent fishing port is located. You could walk along the port, relax at the beach (BTW, its not a sandy beach down here, its very rocky and beautiful – especially during the summer), enjoy the sun and listen to the sound of the waves.

If you love traditional Italian houses and old architectures, Giovinazzo has a lot to offer. Everywhere I go, is a unique cozy home and it doesn’t get tiring to appreciate everything.

Molfetta is also another town I’ve visited, located on the northern part of Bari. Its mostly a residential area, a restored old city and has their own dialect.

(Sitting on this beautiful cafe, enjoying this gorgeous sunset with my .80 cents espressino.
Puglia is also famous with their local wines and one of the best in the region is Torrevento.

Another reason to visit in Puglia as well is their UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Built in 1240, this castle is so unique with its 8 octagonal shape towers.


Alberobello is a unique Puglia destination. It is where you can find all these beautiful buildings made with limestone blocks, where they are carefully stacked one on top of another and has a cone shaped roof.

Trulli is generally storehouses, field shelters and sometimes a place to stay like BnB for tourists these days.

Also another place to enjoy, is the classic Apuglian farm – Masseria Procida in Turi. Its a beautiful place for events, dining and enjoy real local flavours with their land and sea food menus.

One of my most favourite part of this trip is this real Italian treat. Pasta making and lunch treat from a real Italian Mum! Watching how a real Italian hero moves and get busy in the kitchen. Pasta making, preparing all the aperitivo, mains, fresh cheese, desserts, fruits and wine!!! This is the real deal. The real authentic Italian experience.

On my last day before I head to the airport, I finished up my little getaway with a little shopping from an Outlet Village in Molfetta. Just the perfect end for my little holiday. They have almost all the brands that you need from Adidas, Nike, Calvin Klein, Brooks Brothers, makeup shops, etc.

Molto Bene! is the only phrase I could come up to express how I feel being in Puglia. Its means very, very good!

If you love the sea, the sun, explore this rich Italian culture, go on a road cycling trip, have a super holiday with your whole family especially with young kids, learn pasta making, wine tasting, road trips and more.. look no further! Check out and contact Authentic Puglia Tours for your own personalised holiday in Puglia!


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5 Places I Want To Visit in 2019

I am a believer of real life lessons and travelling in the last 10 years has made me a better version of myself compared to who I am before and how I look things.

Here are my top 5 places I wanted to visit hopefully on my next travels.

Santorini, Greece

Call me such a tourist but I don’t care. This beauty has been on top of my list for ages and now that I live close by, I really really hope to visit this stunning country soon!

Santorini vast beauty.jpeg

(Photo Credits to Xristos Xristopoylos, Pinterest)

London, United Kingdom

I was always in Europe and now I live in Europe but guess what.. I still haven’t seen the Big Ben. I blame it on my passport. (LOL!) Yes, it’s not that easy to get a UK visa for a Filipino or should I say it’s toooooo expensive to be a tourist in this country. Maybe one day, when I finally get a boring job with a regular income, then this will be my reward. LOL!

Rainy London, UK

(Photo credits to Around the World, Facebook and Pinterest)

Puglia, Italy

I never heard of this beautiful gem until my friend Cindy and her husband Vinz started Authentic Puglia Tours – a travel business in Puglia. Located in the south of Italy, this beauty is famous to its  gorgeous beaches, churches, and ancient ruins. I can’t wait to visit!!!


(Photo Credits to Authentic Puglia Tours)

Palawan, Philippines

With all my heart, I plan to come back home this year and bring Einar to my beloved country and hopefully we could visit Palawan. FYI, I haven’t been into this beautiful island because it’s always difficult to go here. You need to book at least a year to get yourself a really nice location and best place to stay in unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars per night 🙂

Palawan, Philippines -Levitan-Palawan, Philippines-Levitan-.jpeg

(Photo Credits to Best Travel Places)


This super famous spot is all over my Instagram since last year. I actually almost forgotten about this until my recent move in Romania – which is now a neighbouring country to this beauty! I can’t to explore! Im coming for ya Turkey! 😉

Top 9 Travel Destinations for 2019

(Photo Credits to Golden Hour Girl)

Ahhhhh! These beautiful places. We have such a wonderful and beautiful world that I can’t wait to see and explore! 

Where are you travelling? 🙂



My California Dreams.

It all started when I was five years old. Back then, my Grandfather Pablo who used to be an American solider was my only inspiration in life. He would have regular American visitors and I would listen to their conversations without having a single clue what they’re talking about. I would sit next to him in the morning, watching CNN news and copy it on my own in front of the mirror. English wasn’t my language back then.

My Grandfather taught me a lot of things, we would watch TV together and sometimes, I would watch him read papers. He trained me since I was five to memorize all my important information, in case I get lost, I will know how to find my way home. He was my role model but he was gone too soon for me to understand all the important things he has done during his time and I still miss him.

Fast forward to adult life, I’ve heard so many stories about how difficult to get a US visa as a Philippines passport holder. I even heard a lot of stories people faking marriages and documents just to get to the promise land. So, I didn’t really push that dream – when the time comes, if it’s meant to be – I will get there.


My husband asked me to apply for my US visa so we can finally fly together in the US and show me where he spent most of his life.

A week after I applied, I got the most amazing news in my life when the US government gave me 10 years of visa. It was unbelievable and I thought of my Grandfather first.

Here’s my super memorable first California trip!

First stop: Oregon (Einar ordered a handmade personalised bike from a bike master from UK who is now living in Oregon)

The next day we started driving out to San Francisco with one stop over to Ashland to break the long drive.


We went for a quick trip to Berkeley as well to visit Einar’s university and introduced me to his local pub in the neighbourhood and I finally found the most amazing Mexican michelada!

After three days, we started our journey again to Napa Valley!


Three amazing days, seven vineyards, forty two different wines! Epic!

L A S V E G A S, N E V A D A

Vegas got me and my money. Slot machines and all. LOL! But I would never say, never again. I will be back, dahling!

L O S A N G E L E S, C A

I can literally live here. Santa Monica got my heart!

As a woman who is highly obsessed about makeup, I have soooo many places I wanted to visit and so many people I want to meet – bloggers and etc. But a trip to Glossier certainly made it all up!

The famous Hollywood sign is definitely somewhere here! I swear.

The one who makes me the happiest and mostly loved! My man.

Oh yeah, here’s me being a super fan to Kelsey Wells. I loved here before, I even love her more after the killer workout session at Sweat, LA. She is a doll and an angel who has a really ripped body! Body goals!

Just to make the whole LA trip a lot more speacial, we were there as well on the biggest LA Pride Parade 2018! Amazing memories! So much love! x


The whole trip was super epic and since we are not yet ready to come soon and were supposed to be back in Oregon in two days, we decided to drive a little early in the morning and take a bit of a stop over in Lake Tahoe.

We literally drove out of LA, start driving and booked our hotel while on the way to Lake Tahoe.

Immediately fell in love with Lake Tahoe. It was gorgeous and will definitely come back again for the Peanut Butter Stout.

It was the most epic trip I’ve had. USA will always have a special place in my heart. I loved the country and the people. Thank you husband, thank you USA. Until next time!

xoxo, Win