Bucharest Charity Fashion Show

United – if I had to describe the International Women’s Association Charity Fashion Show in one word.

I have been to so many groups and association in many countries but I have never seen such strong women joined together to achieve one goal – to support, help and make other women and their families smile.

Led by Gladys Abankwa-Meier-Klodt, President of the IWA-Bucharest, Strella Ahn, Vice President, IWA-Bucharest and Delia Baciu, Charity Chairman, IWA-Bucharest, their goal for the event was to raise 100,000 Euros to be able to support disadvantaged women and children, beneficiaries of Regina Maria Foundation’s social clinics.

To see more of the Bucharest Charity Fashion Show, check out their website #BCFS on how you too, can help.

The women of International Women’s Association.

6 Romanian Fashion Designers presented their collections to be auctioned at the end of the event.

Here are the backstage scene I took with the models and designers.

All collections were unique and beautiful and to be really honest, I rarely can find designers who are super friendly and down to earth! (Another reason to love Romania!)

One of the highlight of the evening as well is the presentation of different traditional costumes from International Women Association.

13 stunning ladies proudly showcased their national dresses!

South Korea
South Africa

These women inspires me. This is real woman empowerment. No crowns, titles, or buffet needed to show to everyone that you are helping. Be united and genuine with each other, help one another, support and be positive. The world doesn’t need more drama, we need real women to step up and be the real change towards a better future.

Congratulations International Women Association and everyone who are part of it!

Guide to Puglia.

To travel somewhere I’ve never been before is high on my New Years resolution this year, so moving recently to Romania has been quite an advantage for me to achieve this goal.

First on my list this year was Puglia, Italy and collaborating with Authentic Puglia Tours, my 3-day holiday in Puglia became a very memorable and fun experience.

Puglia (Apulla / Pulia / Apoulia) is a region located on the southern part of Italy. It faces Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Greece and Montenegro.

The first time I land on the airport (its quite small, so you’ll never get lost), Vincenzo and Cindy – the owners of Authentic Puglia Tours were so kind enough to pick me up and took me to my first Authentic Puglia experience.

Puglia is famous for chickpeas, olives and olive oil, cheese and fresh seafood! In fact, eating everything fresh is a real local tradition. So make sure you love seafood!

My next stop is Giovinazzo. A town in Bari (the capital) where the prominent fishing port is located. You could walk along the port, relax at the beach (BTW, its not a sandy beach down here, its very rocky and beautiful – especially during the summer), enjoy the sun and listen to the sound of the waves.

If you love traditional Italian houses and old architectures, Giovinazzo has a lot to offer. Everywhere I go, is a unique cozy home and it doesn’t get tiring to appreciate everything.

Molfetta is also another town I’ve visited, located on the northern part of Bari. Its mostly a residential area, a restored old city and has their own dialect.

(Sitting on this beautiful cafe, enjoying this gorgeous sunset with my .80 cents espressino.
Puglia is also famous with their local wines and one of the best in the region is Torrevento.

Another reason to visit in Puglia as well is their UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Built in 1240, this castle is so unique with its 8 octagonal shape towers.


Alberobello is a unique Puglia destination. It is where you can find all these beautiful buildings made with limestone blocks, where they are carefully stacked one on top of another and has a cone shaped roof.

Trulli is generally storehouses, field shelters and sometimes a place to stay like BnB for tourists these days.

Also another place to enjoy, is the classic Apuglian farm – Masseria Procida in Turi. Its a beautiful place for events, dining and enjoy real local flavours with their land and sea food menus.

One of my most favourite part of this trip is this real Italian treat. Pasta making and lunch treat from a real Italian Mum! Watching how a real Italian hero moves and get busy in the kitchen. Pasta making, preparing all the aperitivo, mains, fresh cheese, desserts, fruits and wine!!! This is the real deal. The real authentic Italian experience.

On my last day before I head to the airport, I finished up my little getaway with a little shopping from an Outlet Village in Molfetta. Just the perfect end for my little holiday. They have almost all the brands that you need from Adidas, Nike, Calvin Klein, Brooks Brothers, makeup shops, etc.

Molto Bene! is the only phrase I could come up to express how I feel being in Puglia. Its means very, very good!

If you love the sea, the sun, explore this rich Italian culture, go on a road cycling trip, have a super holiday with your whole family especially with young kids, learn pasta making, wine tasting, road trips and more.. look no further! Check out and contact Authentic Puglia Tours for your own personalised holiday in Puglia!


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Spring Look Inspired

Photographed, Styled and Makeup: Win Larsen

Products Used:

Face Moisturizer: Dr. Jart Water Drop

Foundation and Concealer: Kryolan Camouflage Creme

Powder: Kryolan Fixing Powder

Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Eyeshadow: Too Faced Natural Love

Eyeliner: NYX Vivid Brights

Blush: MAC Dolly Mix

Contour: Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder . -Bronze 04

Lips:  MAC Lipstick in Bomb Shell and Saint Germain

Gloss: MAC Lipglass



Trendy Makeup

We all love a bright and trendy makeup from time to time if not always and the secret to achieving this look is choosing the right balance of colours.

Trendy makeup (fashion, creative, editorial, etc.) takes us to our first lesson in school about colours – colour wheel. If you have a look at the chart, you will find the right balance and mixtures of colours. You need to understand the warm and cool tones and what compliments each other, because if you don’t – go figure what happens! (wink!)

Here’s my own version using warm tones for Dana.