The Job Interview (The Waiting, Preparation and Outcome)

It’s been about ten months now since the last time I had a job and as much as I am loving the non-working lifestyle, I have actually preferred going to work in the last two years.

You see, I’ve not been working since I got pregnant in 2010 and 2012 and it was only two years ago that I have been active again working full-time.

My last job in Malaysia was one of my favorite jobs I’ve had. (Of course when I was single, being a flight attendant was my first and only dream in life.) Anyway, fast forward to current situation in Romania, it took me about 4 months to finally get a job interview.

As a foreigner in a country that English is not mainly spoken, it is a bit of a challenge to find a job that you want or at least get an interview. But then again, its all about the persistence and the right mindset to get where you want to be.

In the last spring, while I was walking in Baneasa Shopping City, I saw that Victoria’s Secret is soon to be opening its first ever branch in Romania. I got so excited, because VS is life and I’ve been a crazy fan of the brand since I was in high school! After the second time I passed the location, I noticed the email address for job openings and to be really honest, I was in doubt that they would even consider me, because my Romanian language level is only great for my Uber drivers. LOL! (Hey, dont judge me. I’m trilingual) Haha!


Anyway, after a few weeks I finally got the guts to just send an email, nail my cover letter, sell all my abilities and everything I can give, hoping that they would at least want to meet me. (That’s the spirit, people!) But then of course, I lost hope after one month, and then forgot about it in second month, don’t even ask about the third month and fourth month came and I got an email invitation for an interview as a Senior Sales Assistant.


Four days before the interview, it took me almost the whole day to finally sink in that I will be having an interview with the most favorite brand of my life.

Third day was all about stalking who is going to interview me, the company and what they are.

Second day was planning what I want to wear, how I want to look and go to the shop and buy the winning outfit that would make me feel 101% confident me.

A day before the interview, I started reading about the company I’ll be working with, the back stories, practice the questions, review the CV and do it all in front of the mirror. It may sound silly to even practice but everything is all about knowing and owning what you’re going to do.

On the day of the interview, I woke up early, showered, neatly did my hair, I also did a clean makeup look, had my breakfast and lots of water. Lots of water helps you mentally. I swear.


I FINALLY GOT THE FREAKING JOB and cherry on top – they even gave me the absolute dream job I wanted to be part with – which is in the Visual Merchandising Team.

(Back story – I have always been an OCD freak at home with everything has to be in place and in order, organised and perfect. And having the job to actually do things like how its supposed to be in my little world at the back of my head is such a dream! I mean, couple of months ago, I’ve also started taking online courses about interior designing and anything similar and so this job for me, is like hitting a jackpot!)


There is nothing in this world that you couldn’t have with the right mindset and motivation. Everything is possible if you stop comparing yourself with other people and listening to everyone’s opinion. Know yourself and know what you want. Work hard for it, add extra effort to everything that you do, be patient and sooner or a little later, you will definitely get what you want.

(For example / reality check: Even influencers or bloggers do lot of work than you can imagine. Brands and products just don’t approach or hire you because you’re pretty (unless you are a real Hollywood star – which by the way is also not an easy job to get in), everything requires you to become a great hustler! Hustle your way in, do all the hard work and everything will pay off!

Bucharest Fashion Week 2019 – Spring Edition

Spring has officially arrived in Romania and the biggest fashion week of the country has started showing off !

The 3-day fashion show was uniquely presented by local designers and models. Featuring the creations of Loulou, Emina, Mily Mia

Stunning collections from Onur Osman, Atelierele Ilbah, Marvin Nonis, Laura Olteanu.

It was a great season and very interesting collection for spring.

© Win Larsen

Head Turners of the Night

I am always fascinated by foreign beauties and Romania is one of the countries that has plenty of gorgeous people.

Here are my gallery of stunning and most memorable individuals I’ve seen this weekend.

Claudia, a top model and really stunning woman. The moment she stepped in the room, everybody just got to take her photos. She has the most amazing physique and super captivating look!

Simple and elegant. She’s super graceful and photogenic and I love her style from head to foot!

As soon as she stepped in into the wall for a photo, I fell in love with her dress. I found out at the end that she was one of the participating designers in a group and I look forward to seeing more of her designs in the future!

Her looks and her style reminds me of Cara Delevingne. And I love Cara, so she’s IN! 🙂

Their style is unique and I love their looks so much!

This teenage girl reminds me of my young self walking in the runway with so much passion of what she’s doing. She’s amazing with her walk and she has the sweetest face!

What can I say, these two are my little super stars. They are the youngest models of the night and they have the strongest stage presence for their age! I couldn’t believe what I see and I really love these girls!

Win X

(Instagram: @win.larsen)