Summer Baby Is Coming!

Oh, boy! Sometimes the universe has its own way of making things possible. After three years of being married, two home countries, one little poodle, one rainbow baby, a series of ups and downs and we finally get to have our own little angel.

12 weeks to be exact with heads up from my Ob-Gyne that everything is going well, has nothing to worry about and endless day and night morning sickness, we can finally get to announce to the whole world our new little bundle of joy growing inside me.

Earlier last year, we had another pregnancy whom we lost at 6th week. Einar and I both got broken hearted and the hardest part was telling the kids as well. But we all managed to let it all go by spending quality time together and appreciating what we have presently – two beautiful children and Chewy.

Then earlier this year, just when I was about to be all ready again to take baby-making seriously (sometimes its work too, you know especially when you’re not in your 20’s anymore – LOL). I went to see a gynecologist here in Romania, did a lot of tests and they have told me that my fertility days are long gone and they have have diagnosed my uterus as pre-menopausal stage. I’ve cried and in shocked and couldn’t believe what they have told me.

BUT then again, I am Asian. A filipino Asian who has a fairly large number of family members, (my Mum is 12 of them and my Dad is 13 of them) and all conceived by both of my Lolas (Grandmother) naturally. So, I went home – back in my old city.

In my country we have a practice called traditional “hilot” (massage) who are done by old women who has a very particular skill. In my case, based on the finding of my doctor, my “manghihilot” (therapist) told me that my uterus was just sitting too low. And so, I’ve scheduled an appointment with her – the whole process probably took about half an hour. It wasn’t a relaxing massage and I won’t tell TMI. But it wasn’t relaxing at all. 🙂

After I came back home to Romania, I went back to my normal routine – going to the gym, keeping myself out of stress, and as much as I didn’t expect 100% success rate from my little trip back home, we finally got conceived after one month.

I guess I still am traditional with my beliefs in some way. I still believe some of what my family has proven effective. Some may call it “crazy”, I call it pretty awesome! but I guess this is what makes us all special, our differences and faith. 🙂

It may be the “manghihilot” who helped me arranged back my uterus, or the universe has finally perfectly aligned all the stars for us – whatever and however, this little angel is a gift to us and we are so excited and we know that we have been praying for this to happen. We are beyond blessed and grateful!

Until my next update! Talk to you later my loves! xx

Empowering Island Communities

When I started my Win Charity Project back in 2012, one of the struggles of living an expat life is keeping it up.

This year, I am so pleased when I saw my local club in my city looking for someone to sponsor their mission in empowering and educating 347 children in a small island in Iloilo City, Philippines .

After I did a bit of makeup work during the Bucharest Charity Fashion Show by the International Women Association, I used my small amount of pay to support my local club.

And so.. this happened.

347 children of Sanggutan Elementary School were given dental health kits, went through a session on how to properly take good care of their dental health and of course, a day filled with fun and goodies.

I can’t express more how much I appreciate this opportunity to collaborate with people who have the same passion and love as me. Thank you very much JCI Ilang-Ilang and Iloilo Gardenia Lions Club for making this possible for me.

For more infos on how to collaborate with me or if you know someone in Iloilo who you think needs help, please email me at

xx, Win


Win Project is a little task I have created since 2012. It benifitted unfortunate young little children in the Philippines and teenage girls who needs moral and financial assistance.

It started when my youngest son was born in September 2012 and I have decided that the best gift I could ever give to my children is by becoming a good example to humanity. The must have attitude and heart to help and contribute goodness and positivity in the society.

My donations are not big – in fact, your handbag or dinner over the weekend must have cost more but in my project, there is nothing small. A help in any way is hugely appreciated.

I’ve achieved so many things in my bucket list and have seen so many things in this world but there is nothing I could ever think that I could compare the feeling of true happiness every time I send help and get genuine smiles from little kids.

With this, I will always keep doing my work and passion in helping those who are in need.

If you would love to help and be part of my mission, please do not hesitate to contact me and lets all make little kids a happy smile! 🙂